SCCM 2012 404 error

So I’ve been working on trying to get the SCCM 2012 RC to work in my test lab at work so that I can test patching in various environments with it. It was a bear to install, with very specific pre-req’s that it doesn’t bother to tell you about until after you’ve gone thru the install. It’ll either blow up or just plain not work. More into that in a later post.

But one of the big things I wanted to test was getting the web console to work so that I can see what functionality you have thru it. The first time I went there I got:

404 Server Error on CMApplicationCatalog

Turns out this error is produced because you don’t have the .Net Framework 4.0 either installed or configured. I DID install it as one of the pre-req’s but apparently that wasn’t enough. You still have to enable it, so to do so:

  1. Open an Administrator Command Prompt
  2. Browse to %windir%Microsoft.netFramework64v4.0.30319
  3. Run the following command –
aspnet_regiis.exe -i -enable

Then just re-open your browser and you are good!