Lync DHCP options

I’ve had to do this just often enough that every time I do it I have to google how. Hence this post!

In this case I needed to add the Lync DHCP options to a new 2012 R2 DHCP server from a new Lync 2013 server. I had just enough problems with it that I thought others could benefit from the experience.

So, to do this:

  1. Copy dhcputil.exe and dhcpconfigscript.bat from c:\program files\common files\Microsft Lync Server 2013 (or 2010)\ to c:\windows\system32 on your DHCP server
  2. While you’re here go ahead and copy msvcr110.dll and msvcp110.dll to c:\windows\system32 on  your DHCP server. I found no instructions online that said to do this, but I couldn’t get it to run otherwise.
  3. Install the VC++ x64 2008 redistributable on  your DHCP server. Can be found here VC2008 or on your Lync media
  4. Go to a command prompt and run: dhcputil.exe -sipserver <sip FQDN> – webserver <web server FQDN>
  5. Make sure this command is successful. NOTE that you have not yet actually done anything. To configure DHCP run it with the switch -runconfiscript
  6. Full command with example: dhcputil.exe -siperserver -webserver -runconfigscript
  7. If you now go over to DHCP and hit refresh on your options you’ll get an error. You’re not done
  8. Restart the DHCP server service.
  9. NOW hit refresh.
  10. There you go!