SEP11 and Citrix PVS

So in my inherited Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) 5.6 environment with SEP11, we recently noticed that none of the devices were showing up correctly in the SEP admin console (or at all), plus the Symantec Management Client service (which is set to automatic) wasn’t started. You could go into the services mmc (thru Server Manager or services.msc from the Run, which is my fave) and start it up manually and the device would appear in the console and everything was fine.

Reboot and you’d be back to where you started, which is typical with PVS disks in Standard Mode.

You see this in the Event Log:

Symantec Management Client service depends on a service in a group which starts later.


Detected circular dependencies auto-starting services. Check the service dependency tree.

Hey, that seems easy enough, right?

So after some googling and playing around with it I made a copy of my vhd, set it to Private mode and booted it up. Once up I went into the registry and browsed to


By default the value is set to NDIS. If you set it to NDIS2 everything starts working. So just run your Device Optimization Wizard, run your shutdown script (or xenappprep /pvs), shut down, then set your image back to Standard Mode and there you go.