RIP Davy Jones

One of my childhood heroes died yesterday. I was born after the years of them being on TV, but I loved the Monkee’s in reruns growing up in the 80’s and Davy Jones was always my favorite. He had that accent and we had the same last name, how could that not just be awesome? I saw every Monkee’s episode repeatedly and at one point or another could have sung you every single one of their songs.

I remember watching Davy on the Brady Bunch and just laughing at how great of an actor he was (playing himself, natch) and it just making me want to watch/listen to them all the more.

Last year the Monkee’s went on their 45th year reunion tour. 45! So, finally, at an age of almost being 40 myself, I saw the Monkee’s perform in Denver. Davy was moving a little slow, but he still had the voice and he still had the charisma and the moves. I was taken back to being 5 years old and watching them and their zany antics on TV. Amazing.

RIP Davy Jones… rest in peace, brother.