If you don’t know what RTFM means, go google that before you get any further. I’m trying to keep my potty mouth off the web.

Okay, done?

Over the past couple of months I’ve been playing with various Windows Patching Solutions. First was SCCM 2012 (bust), CA Patch Manager (mostly bust), and now VMWare Configuration Manager (not sure yet). I’m a big believer in just popping in the CD/DVD and hitting setup and letting the chips fall where they may. I feel like that’s the best way to learn and a good product usually lets you get away with it.

Not one of these 3 products has allowed me to do this. Although I’ve certainly tried. I run into various problems, stupid issues, and just plain old “Huh?” moments that I wouldn’t have or shouldn’t have if I’d just plain RTFM. Annoying, yes, but I guess since these are complex products I can understand it. (The old sage in me thinks you should be able to click Setup, run through the wizard, then just add the machines you want to manage, type in your creds, and go.) But in these cases that did nothing but waste days/weeks of my time.

So the takeaway from this? Yeah, I’m still going to surge forward without reading the manual, but when I run into issues maybe I’ll skate back and start over there 🙂



CA Patch Management

Arrgghhh!! I’ve been working for over a week to try to get the CA Patch Management software installed so that I can evaluate it. A pre-req for it is CA IT Client Management (ITCM) and I cannot get the frakking software to install.

Let me take that back.. I can get it to install, just can’t get the blasted software to actually work.

PM requires ITCM to be up and working, because it needs the web services to work. You can install CM and it doesn’t complain about anything, but the Web portal does absolutely nothing.

Documentation, you say? Sure, there are several thousand pages you can troll thru, but none are of any help whatsoever.

I’ve never been a fan of CA products, and this certainly isn’t helping!

/end rant