Systems Center 2012

So I’m signed up for the 2 beta exams next week. Having fun studying 🙂

Basically running through this very informative guide here:

You have to log in and then sign up. Once in there you can download all the main software and the “Microsoft Private Cloud Evaluation Guide”. It gives a very straightforward guide on how to prep and install all the Systems Center 2012 components and configure them to talk to each other. I’m not all the way through it yet, but so far some pretty heady stuff. You have to have around 7 or 8 servers, depending on what all you want to install. I don’t have a server with Hyper-V on it since I’m working in a VM cloud environment, so hopefully that doesn’t kill me too much down the line.

There is a ton of prep work involved with downloading and extracting all the software. You also have to download and prep all the prerequisite software. It won’t let you go any further in the process unless you have it.

You also can’t cheap out like I did and try to install multiple components on the same server. So be prepared and have all your servers up and running with base OS (2008 R2). There’s also a step in there to setup GPO’s to enable some WinRM settings. I again tried to cheap out and hurry up and not do that part and it came back and bit me on the butt. So in other words: Follow the guide!

Here’s where I’m at now. There’s more coming!


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