Windows Server “8” Metro Interface

Can I say how much I absolutely hate the Windows Server 8 Metro interface? Who decided we wanted to manage a server like it was an iPad? In my testing it’s made things incredibly difficult to try and find where the heck everything is at. Have we truly come to a point where we want admins who just know who to swipe things on the screen?

So the Start button is completely gone. Okay, not that big of a deal, right? We’re admins from the Windows 3.1 days, we don’t need no stinking Start button. But, wait… how the heck do you open anything?

After Googling the problem myself the best answer I came up with was “jam the mouse point all the way to the bottom left of the screen”. That really doesn’t work when you’re using a remote app to get to the console, but let’s play along. What I found was that if you move the mouse literally to the bottom left as far down as you can go, you finally get this little menu to pop up.

Don’t let that little picture fool you, it’s incredibly small. And if you try to move the mouse so you can  hover over it and click, it disappears. So as soon as it comes up you just have to click on it.

What it gives you after that is this wonderful Metro screen:

This screen lets you see the roles/features you have installed, IE, and finally(!) the Control Panel or My Computer. I’ve yet to find the command line on the interface, but they do have Powershell pinned to the taskbar and you can do most everything through there if you need to.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far… stay tuned!


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